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We assemble, install and repair various products, because we know. you don't want to.

About Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Chris Manack and I am the Owner/Operator of Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies, an assembly, installation and repair company based in Central Ohio that offers these various services statewide.

I have over 40 years of experience assembling, installing and repairing a variety of products and equipment in both the residential and commercial sectors including fitness equipment, basketball goals, backyard play sets, furniture, bicycles, sheds and much, much more. Virtually anything you may purchase that is packed and delivered to you in a box or crate needing assembly and installation, I will build and repair it for you so that you don’t have to.

I started my career in the Ready To Assemble (RTA) Industry purely by happenstance. In 1991, I started a bicycle sales and repair business in my garage known as Chris’ Cycle Works, and moved the business to a store front in 1994, when I outgrew my home based operation. Looking to supplement my sales during late Fall and Winter of 1995, I approached some big box stores to see if they were interested in having me build bicycles for them, only to discover they had contracts with national assembly companies (NAC). I decided to work for some of these NAC’s on a part time basis covering their large accounts building a variety of equipment.

I sold my bike shop in 2005, and reentered the sales industry as a Commercial Business Manager for a local United Van Lines agent. I still continued to do assembly and repair work on the side, not wanting to lose touch with this lucrative and niche industry. Starting in 2008, the moving business suffered heavily due to the real estate bubble bursting, which adversely affected the commercial moving sector. By early 2011, it was obvious to me that the market would not turn around anytime soon, so I decided that this was a good time to make my exit and go full time into the RTA market.

In March of 2011, I reentered the RTA industry, creating an all new professional installation and repair business, thus, Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies (PART) was born.

Today, I operate Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies, also known as “The Savvy Tech,” as a totally independent company, having severed my contractual relationships with NAC’s in early 2012. My company is based in Columbus and Central Ohio, where most of my business is conducted, however, each year I have extended my reach into the rest of Ohio serving Cincinnati, Dayton, Cambridge, Athens, Toledo, Mansfield, Chilicothe, Zanesville, and everywhere in between. While much of my assembly, installation and repair work is done in the residential market, I conduct a great deal of work in the commercial sector as well, serving many large fitness gyms, hotel fitness facilities, and apartment exercise rooms.

In addition to being the Owner/Operator of Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies, I am also a United Assemblers Network (UAN) Certified Technician and Top Tech. I am now the sole Owner & President of the United Assemblers Network, a national organization of like minded and skilled technicians. A link can be found on my Home Page to the United Assemblers Network where you will be able to locate a UAN Certified Technician in nearly every state in the US.

I carry $2 million of commercial liability insurance and I guarantee my work, giving you the piece of mind and high comfort level of having the best technician possible in your home and business.

Please feel free to call me anytime, or fill out the request form elsewhere on this site and send me an email describing the repair or assembly work that you need to have accomplished. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks again for visiting my web site, and reading about my career and my company. It is my hope that you will choose Precision Assembly & Repair Technologies for all of your assembly, installation and repair needs and requirements.

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